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Commercial Services

Tone Locksmiths of Bury are here to bring locksmith services for all kinds of different sorts of companies and commercial institutions in the Bury metro to your door. We have always tried our best and hope to have brought the feeling of absolute security and serenity to those running businesses in the region for near on half a decade and hope to continue to bring it for as long as it is possible to do so. We have a relatively long list of satisfied customers and all of them have enjoyed our lock fitting services and burglary repairs, as well as uPVC window and door lock, offers. Is there a commercial locksmithing issue that is pressingly urgent? We are also able to be your unconditionally steadfast emergency locksmiths in Bury and work can be done fast by our certified technicians on a 24-hour basis.

Property Security

Tone Locksmiths of Bury know all there is to know about property security. If you are worried about your personal or business possessions and goods, then we are your go-to guys. We can offer you so many different strategies for making your assets and belongings safely secured, be they your staff or material goods alike. We will be very willing to help you out with this, today or tomorrow, it does not matter to us, as long as the time suits you!

Most businesses that call us are interested in intruder alarms, monitored business alarms - both wired and also wireless, all kinds of commercial and business security cameras for both indoor and outdoor purposes and other methods and modus operandi to monitor and deter felonies being carried out on their business property. If you would like to hear more about these options as well as alarming advice from our patient and friendly personnel, then it would be a great idea for you to jot down our telephone number 0161 870 6457.

Bury Safe Opening

Do you have a safe that is stuck shut? Before you try an online recipe on how to cook a home-made bomb in the staff kitchen to try and blow the doors off, stop. Unlikely it will succeed in opening your safe. Perhaps a brighter idea would be to engage a locksmith service. And who better than us, your local locksmiths in Bury, will be far more likely to open it quickly and best of all without maiming anyone!
The key to your safe could likely be lost, broken or left inside the cabinet, or the safe door could be slammed by accident. Besides, despite the 10-year of guarantee, the locking mechanism may wear out. That could be the reason for the malfunction as well. Another example, the code you usually input may be lost or forgotten, and the electronic system may fail. If you have faced one of such situations - do not panic, call our locksmith. We professionally perform damage-free lock openings. It will save you time and money.
Not a business but still need a locksmithing service? For more information check "Residential Services" section.

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