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Having been the reliable locksmiths in Bury for over 10 years, we had gathered an experienced team. Every day they provide high-quality locksmith services to the Bury citizens and have a lot of similar works. We asked each and every our technician about their concerns and things, they wanted every customer to know and remember.

The information presented below is meant to help you to find answers on the most common service questions can be met. Hopefully the terribly useful and insightful information that you have fortunately found over here and that is helpfully outlined below will serve the purpose of both enlightening and helping you to find the answer that you have been searching for for so so long. It will save your time and make our work much easier.

If you have a question which relates to locksmithing, then this is the place to browse and find out some enthralling information that will be of great help in your day to day quest for clarity and security all rolled into one. Let's start...

Questions about us.

  1. Do you come in the evenings?

    Yes, we will happily service you at any time! As we work 24/7 and even on Bank holidays, we try to give our customers a chance to pick the time they want. It is preferable that you make an appointment, however we are emergency locksmiths, and can come day or night, when urgent works needed.
  2. What area do you serve in?

    We are reliable locksmiths operating in Bury and Fishpool, Pimhole, Fairfield, Fernhill, Woolfold, Brandlesholme, Elton, and Walmersley. As well we serve communities throughout the Greater Manchester. Radcliffe, Tottington, Whitefield and Prestwich and others.
  3. Do you have a shop?

    We do offer a mobile locksmith service working out the back of vans that come to you. Our vans are equipped, so we can provide you with all needed.
  4. Help! Do you offer a post-burglary repair service?

    Certainly! We have had numerous experiences with burglaries in and around Bury. We are ready to give a professional advice as for the security improvement.
  5. Do you provide emergency residential locksmith services 24 hours?

    Be sure to get expert local Locksmiths in Bury who will provide solutions specifically tailored to meet your needs. You can contact us over the phone for the free estimation.

Some general questions:

  1. Which lock to choose?

    The lock should be chosen with the type of your door in mind. You can buy everything yourself, however you should know all details and better consult before the purchase not with the sellers, but with the experienced locksmith. Remember: the seller and installer have completely different tasks.
  2. What should be the doorway's width?

    Metric standard door sizes for internal door usually are 2040 x 526/626/726/826/926 x 40mm
    There are different requirements for external doors, for example, the required opening width for wheelchair access.
    However as for the front doors to your apartment or house, the popular external door panel widths are 686-915 mm or 27"-36" accordingly, depending on the door type. If your doorway is narrower, it is better to extend it, at least you would be able to carry in the furniture or other big stuff and appliances.
  3. Is it possible to know exactly how much it will cost to replace a lock in the metal door?

    If you know the brand of the lock, the manufacturer, the model of your door (if it is a door of a domestic manufacturer), and are absolutely sure, you don't need other supplements, then it will be quite possible. The only thing you need is to call Tone Locksmiths of Bury at 0161 870 6457 and we will give you the free estimation. When you don't know the details, then it's hardly possible to be precise. Remember: All locks differ in price.
    For one case, replacing the door lock takes from 10 to 20 minutes, when for the other door it needs to be disassembled and assembled completely, which can take up to 2 hours.
    There were cases when it was necessary to take away the door for a longer time to replace the lock.
  4. I have non-standard door. Can you work with it?

    Yes. Most external and internal doors are available in special sizes, and we work with different brands of locks.
  5. I lost my keys, or they have been stolen, I'm not sure. What should I do?

    First of all, stop the panic. If you are not in the doghouse yet, chances are high, so we recommend changing the locks for security reasons.
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